The border between Auras and Telaras isn’t a physical location, rather, the High Elves rule the forest that resides in the Feywild. The two planes have no permanent linking area, but passages between the two pop in and out of existence.

Queen Yllora deceased King Armil
Reichwein: Son of Yllora and Armil


Aurae: Bureaucracy/Historians. Tel’ wanwie ar’ ale’quel (The past and future). Katar
Quynn: Magic. lye coiaagar (Our Lifeblood). Vulas
Oenel: Warriors. a’edhel (To defend). Deldrach
Folluin: Artisans. kurwa (Creation). Jharak

These are not houses in the linage sense. The High Elves are too sparse for that to be the case. Instead, the houses function similarly to guilds, in that they teach and promote different methods of living. This is important to elves, who have long lifespans, and spend considerable time perfecting tasks. The most important house is Quynn. The High Elves are creatures connected to magic, moreso than Wood Elves. Because of this, magic is applied to every area of their lives. The heads of the Houses council the royal family.


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