The Holy Order of Bahamut

(The Cult of Justice, The Battalion Immaculate, The Bearers of Shields)

Holy City: Drakkastan

When people think of the unyielding paladin, the stubborn crusader, and the dogmatic cleric they think of the priests of Bahamut. This is an image that the church’s more secretive members work very hard to uphold. The truth of the matter is that The Platinum Dragon commands his priests to uphold honor and justice, oppose evil on all fronts, and protect the weak and oppressed. The means by which these commandments are achieved tends to be a very personal matter.

When you deal with priests of Bahamut remember that they tend to be “big picture” people. They are more likely to overlook a trivial law being broken if it facilitates the greater good. That said, try not to break the law around them.


Anura DMStephen