Church of The Harmonious Universe

(The Church of Corellon, The Wind-Scattered Order, The Tenders of Seeds)

Holy City: El-Dre-Leil, The City That Has Been All That Will Be

Sometimes it may seem that Corellon’s order is the most motley of the Pentatheon, however all one needs to do is interact with its members to see the common thread: creativity. The Priests of Corellon seek to foster a love of art in everyone they meet, and their definition of “Art” is appropriately broad. Song, Swordplay, Magic, Technology, Cooking; The Wind-Scattered Order always seeks to bring the next bit of enlightenment to the world.

Interaction with members of The Church of The Harmonious Universe can often be frustrating for those unaccustomed to their ways. Many see them as prying, flighty and stubborn. In reality they are curious, didactic and stubborn.


Anura DMStephen