Though they once had three great cities in the mountains of what is now Urruk, they are all abandoned. Most dwarves now live in smaller fortified settlements, spread throughout the hills of the Southern lands in a feudal nation called Tarq. Though hardy and (generally) artistic, most dwarves (even jolly, personable ones) are also very miserly and obsessed with material success. Rival clans compete fiercely via subterfuge and almost any means, but they virtually never resort to violence of any kind against one-another (beyond a drunken bar-brawl), and even the bitterest enemies among dwarves will band together and fight back to back against an external threat.

Tarq is currently engaged ongoing conflict all along its South-West seaboard, the area called the Diamond Coast, where they face constant Deluvian raids and their shipping is a bloody armed enterprise. Dwarven mines also attract attacks from goblinoids, there are strange happenings in the swamplands bordering the Blossoming Sea to the Northwest of dwarven territory, and orc raids near the southern deserts of Urruk are sudden, unpredictable, are considered to be certain death.

There is a great deal of tension on the Eastern coast, where the other kua-toa empire, Illud, has a peace treaty with all land-dwellers, and (living so close) the potential for vast profits has (barely) overcome the loathing and general reluctance of the mercantile dwarves to trade with them.

CulturalNote: Tarqish (Dwarven) estate owners and patriarchs are referred to by the honorific “Don”. The proper form is “Don <firstname> <familyname>”, such as “Don Axos Shildoro”. The female version, Dona, indicates wives and daughters of nobles, due to Tarq’s patriarchal culture.


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