Deluvia: Capital City: Vulbaal-The city of blood. Built on the Baalian Archipelago above sea because they feared revolt from their millions of slaves. On the island, the Ulbu road leads up to the Mun Baru Temple. The Ulbu road is over a mile of solid gold paving stones, and on either side rest the skulls of over two dozen races. Once every ten years, the Deluvians slaughter slaves at the top of Mun Baru temple until the blood runs down the length of the Ulbu road and touches the door of the palace.
They worship the god Blibaal: The God of Storm and Slaughter who bequeathed power to the deluvians to rule the world.

Ruling Houses and leaders:
Pelo: Uenti
Onae: poia
Teki: Telop
Batra: Idae

These houses broke off from the rest of the Kua Toa race in a struggle for power. Although they have made treaties with the surface dwellers, they still maintain their slave armies, and no one knows what they’re really up to.

Undu-Diplomats: B’ob
Babago-Giant Fighters: Otra
Blorablin-Craftsmen: Lleta
Hyloi-Logistics, slavers: Sst’a

1. dii
2. bii
3. slii
4. gii
5. lii

1. oou
2. bliiu
3. pliu
4. boou
5. stoou


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