The Raven Queen

The Church of the Raven Queen

(Children of Ash, The Cult of Death, The Singers of Hymns)

Holy City: Endgate, The Necropolis Supreme

The priests of the Raven Queen concern themselves primarily with the passage of the dead from the natural world into the hands of the Raven Queen. As such they are often called upon to perform funerary rights as well as ghostly exorcisms. The Lady of Ash commands her children to stamp out undead wherever they may find them, so although all priests of the Pentatheon tend to find the Undead distasteful, the Priests of the Raven Queen find them inexcusable.

Many people are weary when dealing with priests of the Raven Queen, but the fact of the matter is, you are not their concern. If you are not disturbing the dead, or undead yourself, then you have nothing to fear. That said, if you find yourself standing between a Child of Ash and their divine imperative, I recommend stepping aside.

The Raven Queen

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